The 72 hour countdown to the dismantling of Donald Trump’s whole world

Donald Trump is going to ousted, then he’s going to be put on criminal trial, and then he’s going to be sent to prison. If you want evidence of this, just look around at how the investigations into his crimes have already put so many of his associates in prison, even as so many of his other associates have flipped on him in order to save themselves. Just about everyone else left in his orbit now has 72 hours to decide which side they’re on.

That’s because Monday is the hard deadline for complying with the document requests that the House Judiciary Committee sent out to more than eighty Trump-related people and entities. Anyone who complies is going to incriminate Donald Trump, and possibly his family, in the process. Anyone who refuses to comply is going to be subpoenaed and thus legally required to turn over the documents anyway, under threat of potentially going to jail for contempt. Anyone who destroys the documents is going to get caught, due to the sheer number of people who will cooperate, and will definitely go to jail for it.

So now we see who’s made of what. Some of Donald Trump’s associates, such as Tom Barrack, have already publicly stated that they’re going to comply. Some other Trump associates, such as Michael Caputo, have publicly stated that they’re going to resist. Members of the House Judiciary Committee have publicly stated that several unnamed people on the request list have already begun turning over large amounts of documents.

We’ll find out on Monday, or perhaps first thing Tuesday morning, who complied and who didn’t. Then we’ll see subpoenas flying accordingly. We’ve seen that the committee is not messing around. Now we’ll see how many new cooperating witnesses there are against Donald Trump. Not everyone on his sinking ship wants to go down with him.