Mueller letter pushes Donald Trump into an astonishing sixty-five tweet meltdown

Last night’s bombshell revelation, that Special Counsel Robert Mueller wrote a letter accusing Attorney General William Barr of having grossly misrepresented the Mueller report, is nothing short of devastating for Donald Trump. This morning it became clear that Trump understands just how far behind the eight ball he now is, as he responded by posting a mind blowing sixty-five tweets and retweets in a span of three hours.

Some of Donald Trump’s tweets this morning were of the standard fare, such as “NO COLLUSION, NO OBSTRUCTION” and blaming President Obama for his own campaign’s collusion with Russia during the election. But the bulk of Trump’s meltdown this morning centered around the fact that the firefighters union has endorsed Joe Biden in the 2020 election. After Trump’s lackey Dan Bongino tweeted an objection to this, Trump began retweeting the replies in chaotic fashion. This is where things went completely off the rails for him.

When it became clear that Trump was going to retweet any respondents to the Bongino tweet who claimed to be a firefighter and claimed to be a Trump supporter, someone jumped in and pretended to be one of them, promptly getting retweeted by Trump. That person then changed his/her username to “Fuck Donald Trump” – so that it showed Donald Trump having retweeted those words. Trump has since un-retweeted it, but screenshots remain.

So there you have it. Robert Mueller’s letter has sent Donald Trump into such a tizzy, he ended up going off the deep end even by his standards – both in term of franticness and recklessness. As William Barr’s testimony about the Mueller report goes predictably poorly for Trump today, we’ll see how much further he melts down.

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