60 Minutes just exposed Ron DeSantis

Even in an era with an unusually large number of corrupt Governors in office around the nation, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be the most grotesquely corrupt of all. He’s massively incompetent. He behaves like a maniac at press conferences. He has a new scandal every few weeks. Now one of his deadliest scandals is coming home to roost.

Even as Democratic and Republican Governors around the nation established multiple ways to get the COVID vaccine distributed to residents as quickly as possible, Ron DeSantis cut an exclusive deal with the Publix grocery store chain, which was not set up to handle the proper volume of appointments. Worse, DeSantis prioritized vaccine doses for Publix stores in counties that voted for him in 2018. There is little doubt that Floridians died as a result of this stunt.

Palmer Report has been talking about the DeSantis vaccine scandal all year, as have various Florida newspapers. But tonight, 60 Minutes finally tackled the scandal. It turns out Publix made a six figure donation to DeSantis’ reelection campaign just weeks before he rolled out the exclusive vaccine deal. That means it wasn’t just a bad move, it was a corrupt one. Now that 60 Minutes has finally put a national spotlight on this scandal, DeSantis needs to be federally investigated for corruption and potential homicide, as there’s little doubt that Floridians died as a result of DeSantis’ corrupt delay of the vaccine rollout.

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