Jim Jordan gives away how hosed he knows he is

Jim Jordan was never about principles, values, or anything related to the truth.
No, that’s not how Jordan rolls. Jim Jordan IS about bullying, lashing out, and throwing temper tantrums. This IS how Jordan rolls. And he would not do himself any favors in testifying before the January 6th Committee.

He demonstrated his lack of ability to answer questions in his rambling and slightly insane five-minute word salad, which we all witnessed when he couldn’t seem to remember whether he’d talked to Trump that day. So it stands to reason that Jordan would put up a fight about talking to the committee. This is not a guy who cares about other people or the rule of law.

But he’s up against it now. He has few options, and all of them are bad. Liz Cheney reportedly told him, “Get away from me — you f***ing did this” on January 6th.

And Cheney knows who and what Jim is. The whole committee does. Their laser eyes bore through him, easily seeing the terrified child within who is, most likely at this moment, probably shaking like a leaf at the thought of saying one word to the committee So what will the committee do?

I believe — and it is just my opinion — that the committee will lean on him hard. They may give him another chance. But if Jordan continues to refuse to talk, I do think they will refer him for contempt to the Justice Department.


That would be something to see! Jordan knows things that need to come out. His terror at revealing these things will be his downfall. It may take a while. I do not expect this to happen in a day. But I do expect something to happen. Nobody is going to let Jim Jordan get away with anything, and judging by his frantic tweeting and hysterical ranting, he knows that as well.

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