Donald Trump goes on TV after 2:00am and sniffs his way through whiny meltdown as it all slips away from him

Nearly an hour and a half after he tweeted that he was going to speak, Donald Trump finally found his way to the podium at 2:21 in the morning. For some reason he trotted out nearly his entire family before speaking, making the whole thing even more bizarre.

Trump insisted that he’s winning, but a “sad group of people” is now trying to take it away from him. Trump said “we were winning everything, and all of the sudden it was just called off.” It’s not clear what exactly he thinks has been called off.

Trump went on to falsely claim that he’s won Georgia, when the New York Times is currently giving Joe Biden 63% odds of winning the state. Trump also ranted about the fact that Fox News called Arizona for Biden.

As expected, Trump harped on the fact that he’s currently ahead in the vote count in Pennsylvania and Michigan, while conveniently leaving out the fact that this is only because the totals in those states are currently skewed in favor of same-day voting, with most of the mail-in votes yet to be counted.


It’s still unclear why Donald Trump is speaking at all tonight, beyond the fact that Joe Biden spoke and Trump decided he wanted attention. He merely came off like a whiny sore loser who sees it all slipping away from him. MSNBC ended up cutting off Trump’s speech before he could finish it.

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