Donald Trump, Robert Mueller, and the 25th Amendment

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With all the recent news breaking about the turmoil occurring at the White House, one thing is clear – Donald Trump is freaking out and that is thanks to the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is getting closer every day to Trump’s inner circle, even to Trump himself. Words such as “unglued,” “frustrated,” and “unhinged” are being used to describe the current mindset of the Trump administration. There has also been an increase in calls for the implementation of the 25th Amendment which allows for the removal of the President from office due to inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the office. While this would indeed remove Trump from office, something we can all agree would be a positive, it could also result in some dire consequences.

While it’s clear that Mueller’s investigation is zeroing in on Trump and his family, we must remember there are many complicit individuals also being investigated. There are many that believe the entire GOP is currently under a RICO investigation for accepting laundered Russian money sent through the NRA. If the 25th Amendment is used, Mike Pence would immediately be sworn in as president. How scary is that?

Pence, once in power, could immediately replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, under the guise that he is simply replacing Trump’s cabinet members with his own choices. A new AG, who is not recused from the Russia investigation, could then fire Mueller, saying there is no need for a Special Counsel since this new AG could pick up the investigation personally.


This would immediately create outrage from Democrats, as well as a possible constitutional crisis, but it is clear Pence and the GOP are desperate to save themselves. After all they’ve already done it would surprise nobody if this plan has already been discussed as an option to oust Trump and attempt to stay in power. Because of this, it’s important to remember that although the 25th Amendment certainly sounds like a great idea, it is extremely important that Mueller is allowed to finish this investigation if we ever want truth and justice.

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