Putin is getting everything he wants out of Trump – or is he?

Russian President Vladamir Putin must be ecstatic at how well his investment in stealing the 2016 American election for Donald Trump is working out for him. After investing millions of dollars with the main intention of creating distrust in the American democratic process, while also hoping to induce as much chaos as possible, Putin has certainly exceeded even his highest expectations – or has he?

By installing Trump as a Russian asset into America’s highest position, Putin has effectively put himself in the driver’s seat to further destroy American norms while helping himself and Russian oligarchs at the same time. Despite Trump previously re-upping the Iran deal multiple times, Trump decided to withdraw from it last month. While the move has been criticized by American allies, it was sure to have put a thrill in Putin, as this had long been one of his goals. By creating further instability in the Middle East, oil prices instantly increased, allowing Russia to sell one of their major exports for much higher profit. While the increased cash flow to the oligarchs was applauded in Russia, the sudden increased likelihood of military action in the region might have made Putin even more elated.

As if that weren’t enough, Trump has made Putin and his wealthy friends even more happy in the past couple weeks. Despite having a $13 billion trade surplus with Canada, Trump has insisted on placing tariffs on many of our closest allies. When Trump’s chief economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, is speaking out against these tariffs, you know that it’s extremely bad. Kudlow recently admitted to Fox News that the trade wars would “jeopardize” American job growth.

Economic experts predict that the coming trade war could lead to 2.6 million jobs being lost. The loss of jobs from this, combined with the likely recession resulting from the supply-side economics instituted as part of the tax cut for millionaires, will certainly bring down stock prices. When stocks are falling, the price of gold increases. As experts recently told Bloomberg, the price of gold is expected to increase dramatically as the dollar weakens due to these issues.

To nobody’s surprise, Russia just announced that they will become the world’s second largest producer of gold. Last year, Russia extracted 8.8 million ounces, which was 8.3% of total production around the world. Now they are planning to double their extraction by 2030. As Palmer Report has previously stated, the best way to punish Putin is to end Russian’s participation in SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) and hit them where it hurts the most – their wallets. While it currently appears that Putin is certainly making out great on his deal with Trump, he won’t be smiling when we remove the current Russian puppet from office and go after Putin and all those who assisted in this attack on America.

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