Donald Trump is 0-for-5 today

There was a time when Donald Trump could use his Twitter account to effectively spread lies about his adversaries, punish his allies for not being loyal enough, and control the narrative. But now that his reign is collapsing, even Twitter has turned on him.

Trump has posted five tweets today, all of them conspiratorial in nature. Twitter has slapped warning labels on all five of them. Three of them now say “This claim about election fraud is disputed” while two of them say “Learn how voting by mail is safe and secure.”

In other words, Donald Trump is 0-for-5 today in terms of trying to post tweets. Not only is no one taking his tweets seriously anymore to begin with, now he can’t even get them out the door without getting hit with warning labels left and right. It’s what Twitter should have done to Trump a long time ago – but at least they’ve been doing it for the past week.

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