Donald Trump accidentally “likes” tweet that accuses him of rape

Although it has yet to make the mainstream news, this month there has been quite a bit of buzz going around social media in which Donald Trump is vaguely accused of everything from orgies to rape when it comes to his former modeling agency. That storyline may be about to get a whole lot more attention thanks to Trump himself, who bizarrely “liked” a tweet which accused him of using his North Korea antics as a distraction from the alleged rape scandal.

The incident occurred after a Twitter user by the name @AHamiltonSpirit tweeted “RAPE….ORGIES….KOREA….TRUMP….WTF?!😳😳#Korea is a #DISTRACTION” on Thursday night. Donald Trump’s official Twitter account then inexplicably “liked” the tweet in question. It was documented by a number of individuals, including @AHamiltonSpirit along with reporter Ben Jacobs from The Guardian, as well as Raw Story (link). It was surely an accident, but it’s not even an accident that makes sense.

Although Donald Trump posts a large number of tweets and a fair number of retweets, he’s only “liked” twelve posts from other users; most of them said nice things about his family members. So the notion of Trump (or whoever is managing his Twitter account at this point) going anywhere near the “Like” button is an odd one. Further, this suggests that Trump or his handlers are now actively monitoring the online rumors about Trump Model Management. That’s the only way that they could have accidentally “liked” the tweet in question; they had to have been looking at it to begin with.

So at the least, this suggests that Donald Trump and/or his team are now worried about the rumors of Trump having been involved with rape and orgies at his model management company. Is that because there’s truth to it, or simply because they’re wary that the rumors might finally hit the mainstream news? In any case, the accidental “like” tonight might end up making that fear a self fulfilling prophecy.

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