Donald Trump really doesn’t want you to see this video of him heaping praise on Eminem

Last night rapper Eminem lashed out at Donald Trump in angry, profane, and remarkably detailed fashion in a four minute video which quickly became the talk of social media. That’s led many to wonder how Trump might respond, or if he’s even heard of Eminem. As it turns out, several years ago Trump lavished praise on Eminem, calling him a “winner” in a bizarre faux-political promotional video.

The video is from circa 2004 and fictionally depicts Eminem running for President of the United States. It was intended to promote his new album at the time. Eminem is introduced in the video by none other than Donald Trump, who plays along in endorsing Eminem as the “Shady Party” nominee. The surreal video has Trump repeatedly calling Eminem a “winner” and other niceties. This older video has an entirely new context now that Trump is the (illegitimate) president, and Eminem is ripping him a new one.

Watch the video below of Donald Trump heaping praise on Eminem:

If and When Donald Trump gets around to attacking Eminem or calling him a loser, it’s worth keeping in mind that Trump once thought Eminem was fantastic – or at least he pretended to, because he thought it made him look cool.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report