Time Magazine cover on Donald Trump’s Russia scandal says it all without saying a word

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You know a scandal has reached epic proportions when the public no longer even needs words to figure out precisely what’s being communicated. That’s the case with Donald Trump’s exploding Russia scandal and the cover of the latest issue of Time Magazine, which apart from the “TIME” logo itself, includes no words at all.

Of course in the midst of a relatively short span of time in which Donald Trump fired the FBI Director to try to bury the Russia scandal, then leaked highly classified intel to the Russians, then was caught having tried to convince the FBI Director to drop the investigation before having fired him, the American public knows exactly what’s being referred to in the latest Time Magazine cover:

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Remarkably, Time settled on this cover just before things got significantly worse for Donald Trump when a Special Counsel was appointed to investigate the scandal.

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The accompanying cover story inside the magazine does in fact use plenty of words, thousands of them in fact, as it documents years worth of background and buildup in the Trump-Russia scandal. You can read the Time Magazine cover story here

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