Report: Steve Bannon under investigation for obstruction and physically threatening White House staff

The investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is expanding by the day, and in some instances by the hour, with the reported list of investigative subjects and targets continuing to grow longer. Now comes a report that White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is under investigation for obstruction, and for allegedly physically threatening his fellow White House staffers.

This report comes from political insider Claude Taylor, whose inside sources have proven correct on Trump-Russia grand juries in the Eastern District Court of Virginia (EDVA) and other matters. Here’s what he has shared this afternoon: “Steve Bannon now being investigated for Obstruction. This is out of EDVA. Source says he physically threatened WH staffers. Further details from source. Bannon physically confined two White House staffers-blocked access to exits. Steve Bannon is done.” (link).

To be clear, neither of these assertions about Bannon has yet been reported or confirmed anywhere else. But Taylor has a history of getting correct inside information from the EDVA, and getting that information before any major news outlets are able to get it, so this latest report is noteworthy enough to pass along. This comes at a time when the list of people believed to be under investigation in the Donald Trump administration is exploding.

At this point it’s believed that the Special Counsel investigation into Donald Trump and his associates is now focused on Trump himself along with Jared Kushner, Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and Paul Manafort, among others. Vice President Mike Pence, and Trump’s own personal attorney Michael Cohen, have each hired attorneys to personally represent them in the scandal in the past twenty-four hours. And numerous other Trump advisers and associates are being called to testify about the scandal before Congress. And now we have this new report that Steve Bannon is also among those under investigation.

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