Donald Trump Jr screws up and starts talking about his Russian collusion meeting at worst possible time

Donald Trump is now just hours away from helplessly watching one or more of his Russia co-conspirators being arrested, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller prepares to force those co-conspirators to flip on Trump. Some of Trump’s associates are having Twitter meltdowns, while Trump himself is reduced to incongruously whining about a Broadway play. Then there’s Donald Trump Jr, who chose the worst possible time to start talking about his Russian collusion meeting.

It’s clear that Donald Trump’s strategy this weekend – or that of his handlers – is to make no mention of Mueller’s criminal charges one way or the other. Because Fox News and the other pro-Trump propaganda outlets have yet to report that the arrests are coming, the hope is that Trump’s own base won’t hear about it yet. Of course that requires everyone in the Trump clan pretending that the Trump-Russia scandal doesn’t exist. Someone apparently forgot to send Junior the memo.

Donald Trump Jr seemed to be playing along with the Trump-Russia radio silence on Saturday, tweeting an article about how he murdered some animals for sport. But then, because he couldn’t help himself and because he’s stupid, Junior retweeted a graphic which complained that his meeting with the Russian government got more cable news coverage than the story about who funded the Trump-Russia dossier. Oops.

So now we’ve got Donald Trump’s own son making a point of reminding his own supporters that he illegally met with the Russian government during the election in an attempt at digging up dirt on Hillary Clinton, and that the Trump-Russia dossier (hence the Pee Pee Tape allegation) exists. It appears Donald Trump’s handlers have taken his Twitter account from him, as his tweets today about Jimmy Carter and Broadway aren’t even in his writing style. Perhaps they should have thought to confiscate Junior’s Twitter account as well.

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