Republican Senator Chuck Grassley reduced to using Twitter to beg Donald Trump to talk to him

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It’s becoming increasingly clear to all involved that there are only a handful of ways to get any kind of message to “president” Donald Trump. He’s shown virtually no interest in doing the job, instead spending his days golfing, watching hours of cable news a day, and screwing around on Twitter. That’s prompted Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, influential as he may be, to stoop to using Twitter to publicly beg Trump to talk to him.

In what might be the most humiliating series of tweets of all time, Senator Grassley took to Twitter tonight to repeatedly beg Donald Trump to call him. Grassley started off by tweeting the following about his bipartisan immigration reform legislation: “If u just saw CBS 60minutes abt ripoff H1B visa program is replacing AmWorkers u shld know my/Durbin bill will correct this injustice.” But from there he began making a surreal direct appeal to Donald Trump, in the hope that the Twitter-addicted Trump might see it.

Grassley’s subsequent tweets, all of which are addressed to Trump but are publicly visible, read like this:

“@POTUS read my previous tweet and thx to Pres Trump for getting on board. REMEMBER we can do somethings bipartisan and H1B is good example”

“@POTUS If u want a real expert on fixing H1B a former staffer of mine just moved to HomelandSecurity Call my office I will tell WHO SHE IS”

“@POTUS If u don’t hv time to call tell SecyKelly to call me”

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“@POTUS In other words I’ve been waiting for six yrs for a president interested in fixing H1B and that person has finally arrived/DRAIN SWAMP”

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Here’s a screen grab in case Grassley deletes them. And so this is where we’re now at as a nation. Despite being the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and despite being one of the most influential politicians in Donald Trump’s own party, Senator Chuck Grassley is having such a hard time getting the Retiree-in-Chief’s attention that he’s now publicly begging for it on a social media app. Contribute to Palmer Report

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