Report: former staffer confirms Jason Chaffetz is under FBI investigation

One day after Jason Chaffetz announced out of nowhere that he won’t be seeking reelection to Congress in 2018 and that he won’t be running for any other office, he followed it up today by hinting that he may not even finish his term. Now comes a report that one of Chaffetz’s own former staffers is confirming that Chaffetz is under FBI investigation, and that it’s going to become public before much longer.

Six days ago we brought you the story of an intel community source asserting that Russia had blackmail material on Jason Chaffetz and that the FBI knew about it (link). But now comes a corroborating report from Dave Bernstein, an online political pundit whose sources have a history of being proven correct. Here’s what Bernstein has shared:

“According to a former Jason Chaffetz staffer, Chaffetz is also the subject of an ongoing investigation for campaign finance fraud. A friend of Chaffetz at FBI told him the investigation could not be kept quiet for much longer, that Intel committee would soon find info on him. Benghazi has Russian ties too, but Chaffetz’s staffer could not verify the connection. Some of his current staffers may be implicated. Per the former Chaffetz staffer, this is one of the reasons they resigned. The former staffer also says Chaffetz’s staff is in panic mode.”

Bernstein posted all of the above in a series of tweets (link). Unlike the previous source, he doesn’t mention Russia. But both sources point to the FBI being onto Chaffetz for his wrongdoing. My own best guess at this point is that the “campaign finance fraud” described above is actually illegal donations from Russia, and that Russia has since been using this secret to blackmail Chaffetz into making sure his House Oversight Committee didn’t seriously investigate the Trump-Russia scandal.

Last month Palmer Report reported that Jason Chaffetz’s largest campaign donor is an illegal pyramid scheme that does business in Russia (link). It’s not yet clear whether this is connected to the FBI investigation or the Russian blackmail. Now we wait to see whether the next shoe to drop is Chaffetz’s resignation, or the official reveal of the heightening FBI investigation into him. Contribute to Palmer Report

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report