Report: GOP will oust Paul Ryan if he sides with Donald Trump over Robert Mueller

If Donald Trump follows through on his vague threat to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the move would look so bad that it would send Trump’s already historically low approval rating further into the gutter. Numerous House Republicans would begin feeling compelled to stand apart from Trump in the hope of avoiding getting wiped out in the midterms. And they’re reportedly adamant enough about it that they’re willing to oust Speaker Paul Ryan if he sides with Trump.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff predicted earlier this week that if Trump fires Mueller, Congress will simply bring back the Independent Counsel statute, and appoint Mueller to be right back in charge of the Trump-Russia investigation, with broader powers. It’s not difficult to see where Schiff gets his confidence from on this issue: only around ten percent of the Republicans in Congress would need to join with all of the Democrats in order to make it happen. But that’s where Paul Ryan comes in.

Speaker Ryan has been consistently wishy washy with regard to Donald Trump, seemingly afraid to stand too strongly with or against him. Would Ryan try to prevent an Independent Counsel bill from coming to the House floor? According to political insider Puesto Loco, “Sources tell me there’s enough House GOPers who’ve pledged that if Trump fires Mueller & Ryan interferes rehiring him, Ryan will be ousted.” (link).

It’s important to point out that this is only a single-sourced report that has not been corroborated elsewhere. But while some anti-Trump members of the general public are fearful the Republican Congress is willing to stick with Donald Trump no matter what, the political reality is that they’d sell Trump out in a heartbeat if they conclude it’s their own best shot at getting reelected. It stands to reason that they’d sell out Paul Ryan as well.

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