Palmer Report editorial note

Despite certain false assertions in the media, Palmer Report has no particular connection to Twitter pundits Claude Taylor and Louise Mensch. Based on their early track record of having been proven correct about grand juries and surveillance warrants, we have on occasion passed along their scoops, along with the disclaimer that these were single-sourced stories and that they should only be taken for what they’re worth.

Based on tonight’s incident in which Taylor publicly acknowledged that one of his scoops was nothing more than a fake email he’d been duped by, we will no longer be passing along anything from Taylor or Mensch. It’s entirely up to all of you as to whether or not you choose to continue following along with them on their Twitter accounts; we’re merely stating that based on this incident, their “scoops” no longer meet our editorial standards.

We want to stress again that Palmer Report has never had any particular connection to Taylor or Mensch. Whether you think they’re heroes or villains, be aware that we’re not connected with them one way or the other. Scattered reports in the media that we’re “working with” them or “allied” with them or “backed” by them are simply false claims.

Palmer Report is proud of its own track record of being early to report political news stories that have subsequently been confirmed by the mainstream media weeks or months later (as documented here). We’re also proud of our opinion pieces, which are clearly labeled as such. Palmer Report has millions of regular readers, and we thank them for their support, as well as for keeping us on our toes. Now back to the news.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report