“This is not a drill”: reporters say there’s a flood of Donald Trump Russia news coming this week

The past week has seen a flurry of news in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal at a pace not previously imagined. There have been bombshells, leaks, denials, confessions, head scratchers, cliffhangers, confirmations, you name it. If you’re wondering where things will go this upcoming week, just try asking the reporters who have been delivering the bombshells of the past week.

That’s what political insider Scott Dworkin did. He surveyed his media contacts and, without revealing anything that would ruin the sanctity of any upcoming stories, he came up with this verdict: “This’ll not be Trump’s week — get ready for a Trump Russia flood — after talking to reporters — the questions asked make clear — this is not a drill” (link). Dworkin, who periodically appears on MSNBC, has successfully predicted upticks in Trump scandal news in the past – so it’s notable that he now sees an outright avalanche coming this week. So just what will those bombshells contain?

Based on Palmer Report’s own ear to the ground, we can point you in a few solid directions. One is the burgeoning question of who else attended Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting at Trump Tower on June 9th of last year. Those involved have tried to paint the meeting as having been only a handful of people, but more names keep getting added to the list by the day. The real prize will go to the first journalist who can prove that Donald Trump himself either attended the meeting, or participated via speakerphone, or was at least aware of the meeting while it was taking place.

Then there is the matter of Donald Trump’s still-mysterious insistence on Twitter three weeks ago that there were no “tapes” of his people “colluding” with Russia during the campaign. He’s the one who pushed that oddly specific notion into the spotlight just to deny it. That suggests there are tapes, and he’s been expecting them to surface soon. In any case, buckle up for this upcoming week; this is most certainly not a drill. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report