After meeting with Donald Trump Jr., Kremlin lawyer attended dinner with Republican Congressman

Donald Trump Jr. is in a world of trouble for having met with a Russian government lawyer during the campaign to try to rig the election against Hillary Clinton. Two of his Trump campaign cohorts, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort, also attended that meeting. But now it turns out that they weren’t the only Republican Party entity to meet with the Kremlin lawyer while she was in the United States.

After Natalia Veselnitskaya finished meeting with the Donald Trump campaign at Trump Tower in New York City, she traveled to Washington DC and continued working on the Kremlin’s behalf. While she was in town, she attended a dinner with Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. Stunningly, according to The Hill, which first broke the story, Rohrbacher is now admitting as much (link). But his quick confession has echoes of the strategy which Donald Trump Jr. tried and failed to invoke earlier this week.

Rohrabacher claims the dinner was merely about the Magnitsky Act, which is essentially the same excuse Trump Jr. initially floated for his meting with Veselnitskaya; Russia retaliated against the Magnitsky Act by blocking the adoption of Russian children. This raises the question of whether this dinner really was what is being claimed, or if Rohrabacher is swiftly confessing to having attended so he can float an innocent sounding excuse before the real reason gets reported.

In any case this sets off additional flashing red lights about just how thoroughly the Kremlin may have worked work not just the Trump campaign, but also the Republican Party itself, in the name of trying to rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor. Was Dana Rohrabacher acting alone, or did Veselnitskaya also meet with the GOP leadership when her espionage tour of the U.S. reached Washington DC? This raises more questions than answers. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report