Ivanka Trump makes illiterate Twitter post. It doesn’t go well.

We’ve all seen Donald Trump give illiterate speeches and make illiterate Twitter posts. In fact it tends to happen about once a week. He can’t read, write, spell, or speak on even an elementary level. But as it turns out, he may not be the only member of his family with literacy issues. His daughter Ivanka Trump made a Twitter post which used a word in such strikingly incorrect fashion that it prompted an overwhelming negative response.

Here’s what Ivanka tweeted: “Cuddling my little nephew Luke… the best part of an otherwise incredible day!” (link). That doesn’t make any sense no matter how you try to parse it. If she had said “the best part of an otherwise bad day” it would have made sense. If she had said “the worst part of an otherwise incredible day” it would have been a horribly rude statement about her nephew, but again, it would have made sense. As it is, Ivanka’s tweet was pure gibberish. That led to quite the response.

The taunting on Twitter came fast and furious. Wajobu responded to Ivanka by tweeting “You really have no idea what “otherwise” means, and how it’s used. Some are wise and some otherwise. It’s no surprise that Ivanka Trump doesn’t know what #otherwise means–she, after all, thinks #architect is a #verb. It’s not.” Gail Borges fired back at Ivanka and her father: “Wow, you don’t even know what *otherwise* means do you? I guess they didn’t teach you that at Trump University.” It got uglier from there.

Sisqo Targaryen‏ responded to Ivanka’s “otherwise” gaffe by quoting the Princess Bride: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Jean Ferretti tried putting words in baby Luke’s mouth: “Luke Trump: Being held by my new aunt spoiled an otherwise perfectly good poop.”

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report