‪Investigators are now focusing in on the one person who knows all of Donald Trump’s secrets‬

Back when Donald Trump Jr. released his emails about his Russia meeting because the New York Times was about to publish them anyway, Palmer Report noted at the time that the most important word in those emails was “Rhona.” That’s the name of Donald Trump’s longtime personal secretary, and the person who’s probably the closest to him professionally. Sure enough, investigators are now focusing in on Rhona, in what could cause all kinds of trouble for Trump.

Congressional investigators now say they want to bring in Rhona Graff for questioning, according to ABC News (link). That means it’ll end up happening; no one ultimately gets away with saying no to testifying before Congress. The reason is that Trump Jr.’s friend Rob Goldstone, who set up the Russia collusion meeting, mentioned the possibility of sending the information onto Rhona. Sending it to Rhona would have been the same as sending it to Donald Trump.

It’s long been established that going through Rhona is the most efficient way of getting a message to Donald Trump himself. That’s been the case in the business world for decades. Back in March, a Politico article revealed that Trump’s associates still often go through New York-based Rhona to reach him, even now that he’s in the White House in Washington DC (link). The bottom line is that Rhona has been privy to Trump’s most informal contacts and communications both before and since he took office. Once investigators bring her in, they can ask her about the entire range of Trump’s private communications that she’s processed and handled. Have world leaders been unofficially going through her to get to Trump? Have criminals?

In terms obtaining information that could end up exposing Donald Trump’s crimes and ousting him from office, going after his personal secretary Rhona may end up being more damaging than any attempt at going after his family members such Donald Trump Jr or Jared Kushner. This certainly won’t raise as many eyebrows in the public as the FBI recently having busted down Paul Manafort’s door. But this latest development may put more fear into the heart of Trump – because Rhona knows everything.

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