House Intel Committee’s Jackie Speier: multiple cabinet members involved in Trump-Russia scandal

“This is as big if not bigger than Watergate,” said Jackie Speier during an interview with MSNBC today, and she’s in a position to know. The Democratic Congresswoman sits on the House Intelligence Committee, whose hearings on Donald Trump and Russia get underway tomorrow, and she’s seen evidence the public hasn’t. In fact she appears to have just revealed a piece of the puzzle that wasn’t previously publicly known.

Speier pointed out that the two principals on her committee, chair Devin Nunes and ranking member Adam Schiff, currently have access to more classified information on Trump-Russia than she does. But even based on what she’s seen so far, she stated the following: “There is circumstantial evidence of an entire web that Putin put in place ensnaring many of the people who now have very respected positions within the U.S. cabinet.” And that sets off all the alarms.

Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions is already known to have met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak multiple times while he was a Trump campaign surrogate, and then lied about it under oath. So that’s one cabinet member. But of the other alleged election-rigging conspirators within Trump’s campaign, none of them are in Trump’s cabinet. For instance Michael Flynn has already resigned, and National Security Adviser isn’t a cabinet position to begin with. Beyond Sessions, what other “many” cabinet members is she referring to?

There is no known evidence tying Secretary of Defense James Mattis or Homeland Security Director John Kelly to the Trump-Russia scandal. So is Congresswoman Speier instead referring to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson? His own financial ties to Putin and Russian oil are deeply documented, but no publicly available evidence has tied him to the Russian election rigging. Does she know something about Tillerson that we don’t? Or is she perhaps referring to the connection between Trump Tower’s Russian email server and Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, which Palmer Report first exposed six weeks ago? Watch Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s full interview:


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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report