Devin Nunes committee investigating Trump-Russia scandal makes incredibly suspicious new hire

On the same day it was revealed that bumbling rogue Congressman Devin Nunes had unwittingly incriminated members of the Donald Trump campaign (link), an even more curious piece of news has surfaced in relation to Nunes. He still chairs the House Intelligence Committee, even though his antics got him forced off its Trump-Russia investigation. Now that committee has inexplicably hired a Michael Flynn loyalist who just finished working for the Trump administration.

Derek Harvey was one of a handful of Michael Flynn loyalists who were ousted last month from Donald Trump’s National Security Council. Harvey is not known to have done anything in particular to get himself fired; he appears to have merely been on the wrong side of an internal power struggle. Nor is there any evidence that Harvey was involved in the Trump-Russia scandal; he wasn’t part of the Trump campaign. But here’s the part that suddenly makes him look suspicious.

According to the Atlantic, the House Intelligence Committee has just hired Derek Harvey as a staffer (link). The report does not state which member of the committee hired him, or what his specific job duties will be. But the Atlantic seems to have missed the most salient point of its own story: no Democrat or Republican on the committee would be dumb enough to have hired a former Trump adviser and Michael Flynn loyalist to work as a staffer, while the committee is investigating a major criminal conspiracy involving Trump and Flynn – unless that hire was made by Devin Nunes.

Throughout the Trump-Russia scandal, Nunes has consistently demonstrated that he doesn’t care about propriety, and he doesn’t understand concepts like the appearance of propriety. Moreover, Nunes and Flynn have a shared history. They served on the Trump transition team together, and both attended a meeting in which Turkish officials discussed kidnapping and extraditing a Turkish man in Pennsylvania. If Nunes is indeed behind the hiring of Flynn loyalist Harvey, it raises even more eyebrows.

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