Report: Republican leadership caught on tape telling the Russians what to hack on Donald Trump’s behalf

Roughly a month after Palmer Report brought you the story of intel community buzz asserting that Republican Party leaders including Paul Ryan had been caught on tape discussing Russia’s payments to the Donald Trump campaign (link), that recording finally surfaced yesterday and landed in the hands of the Washington Post (link). Now there is a new report asserting that the Republican leadership took things even further.

That assertion comes from online political pundit Puesto Loco, whose inside sources have a history of being proven correct. Here’s the latest that he’s revealed from his sources: “GOP Party is on tape telling the Russians what they want to be hacked” (link). He goes on to point out that the source is “Not sure whose voice speaks for Party” on the recording in question. But there are a very small number of people who could qualify as having been in a position to speak on behalf of the party.

One of them is the aforementioned Paul Ryan. As we pointed out last night, it appears the intel community may now be laying the groundwork for its eventual takedown of Ryan in the Russia scandal (link). Another key Republican Party leader is Senator Mitch McConnell, who was also previously alleged to have been caught on tape discussing Russian payments to Trump, though that tape has not officially surfaced yet. And then there’s Reince Priebus, then the RNC Chair, and now Donald Trump’s White House Chief of Staff.

We’ll keep pursuing this new angle of the alleged recording of Republican leadership discussing hacking details with the Russians, and we’ll point out the this is single-sourced for now. But there’s clearly a whole lot more to the Paul Ryan story than merely the one tape which leaked yesterday. And what’s most notable here is that the intel community sat on that tape for a year before releasing it, meaning we’re now looking at a timed and coordinated effort to expose Ryan and the GOP leadership as having been complicit in the Russia scandal.

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