Even with Special Counsel in place, James Comey’s leaks about Donald Trump continue

The appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller is good news for those who want to see Donald Trump’s Russia scandal investigated to the fullest. But his appointment raises questions about what other avenues of progress in exposing the scandal might fall by the wayside as a result. For instance, it’s not clear how this impacts congressional hearings. But one thing has now become clear: the leaks from James Comey’s camp are continuing unabated.

The leaks from Comey’s side began with the devastating bombshell that Trump had asked Comey to let Adviser Michael Flynn off the hook; Comey declined to do so, and documented it in a memo instead. That revelation appeared to be part of what led Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint the Special Counsel. But now the Comey leaks about Trump are still continuing.

The latest is a leak to the New York Times which reveals that Donald Trump repeatedly tried to woo James Comey and buddy up to him, and that Comey was so uncomfortable with this, he once tried to hide among the White House curtains in the hope Trump wouldn’t spot him from across the room (link). This means the Comey leaks aren’t going to stop any time soon, Special Counsel or otherwise.

It’s still not clear to what extent these leaks are originating from Comey himself, or if his friends and associates talking to reporters are acting independent from him on this. But they surely wouldn’t be doing this if they didn’t at least have his tacit blessing. So that means we can look forward to the drip, drip, drip continuing as we go.


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