Trump-Russia buzz: Eastern Virginia docket cleared, U.S. Marshals underway, and an imminent bombshell

In the wake of explosive revelations that Donald Trump gave classified intel to the Russians and that he had asked FBI Director James Comey to cease his investigation before firing him, the fallout appears to be coming fast and furious. Today’s developments behind the scenes point to activity at the Eastern District Court of Virginia, which Comey has already confirmed is cooperating with the Trump-Russia investigation. Here’s the latest.

The first sign of something brewing at the EDVA is that four of the eleven federal judges at at the Alexandria courthouse have nothing on their schedule for tomorrow, with three of them having had their schedules cleared indefinitely, according to the official docket at We’ve checked with our legal consultant who has confirmed based on first hand experience that it’s highly unusual for that many judges to have their schedules simultaneously clear. It suggests that the court is expecting an imminent influx of high priority cases.

Then came word from political insider Claude Taylor, who was the first to break the story of Trump-Russia grand juries being underway at the EDVA court. Here’s what Taylor is sharing this evening, based on his inside sources: “Shortly after 12pm in the Eastern District of Virginia (EDVA) in a closed and secure courtroom colloquially known as a SKIF, a hearing was held. The Government argued before a 3 judge panel for a MOE (Marshall Order of Execution). The MOE was granted. A revised tactical and logistical plan was approved for Multiple Jurisdictions by the Court. This is a highly detailed plan using hundreds of United States Marshal Service targeting an unknown number of Trump associates. The operation commenced shortly after the Court’s approved of the MOE at about 2pm. The MOE filing and number will remain under seal until the indictments are unsealed by the Court.” (link).

We haven’t been able to confirm Taylor’s report elsewhere, but his sources have consistently come through on these matters. Finally there’s a tidbit from political site The Reagan Battalion, which is teasing that according to its sources, “Major newspaper has a big Trump story coming in the next 24-48 hours that may be even more damaging than the Comey/Flynn story” (link). It’s still not entirely clear what all is underway, but pieces do seem to be in motion today. Stay tuned.

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