Donald Trump tries to promote Jon Ossoff’s opponent Karen Handel, misspells her name

It took Donald Trump a full day and a half to belatedly recognize the deaths of seven U.S. Navy sailors in an accidental collision off the coast of Japan. It then took him another twelve minutes to launch into a series of belligerent partisan tweets, some of which he ended up deleting – but not because he figured out that they were inappropriate. Instead he tried to endorse a political candidate and spelled her name wrong in the process.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted on Monday afternoon:

That tweet remained in place for several minutes before one of Trump’s handlers presumably informed him that the candidate’s name is actually Karen Handel, and not Karen Handle. He then replaced it with a corrected spelling, but not before being pummeled with countless “You can’t handle the truth” retorts from social media detractors.

Meanwhile the Georgia GA-06 special election between Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel is set to take place tomorrow. The polls show Ossoff has a slight lead, but it’s essentially within the margin of error, meaning this should be a close call. Ossoff has been endorsed by civil rights legend John Lewis, who has been actively canvassing for him in the Georgia 6th. Handel has been endorsed by Donald Trump, who can’t figure out how to spell her name.


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