Donald Trump invents new word while whining about Special Counsel

It took Donald Trump until 7:39 this morning to begin whining on Twitter about the Special Counsel that’s been appointed to lead the investigation into his Russia scandal, insisting that he’s being unfairly targeted. It took him until 10:07 to correct himself after having invented a whole new word in the process.

Here’s what Trump tweeted when he rolled out of bed this morning:

There are a few problems here, and you may have already spotted them. First, there was never a Special Counsel appointed against President Obama because neither he nor his Attorney General ever tried to sabotage an investigation into his own administration, as Trump and Sessions have done. Second, Special Counsels don’t investigate campaigns. And third, “councel” is not even close to being a word. But it got worse from there.

Thirteen minutes later, apparently proud of his work, Donald Trump decided to expand on it by tweeting “This is the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history!” This brought so much immediate scorn and mocking that the words ‘witch hunt’ began trending on Twitter. Finally, nearly two and a half hours after he first posted it, Trump finally gained the sense to delete his original tweet complaining about Obama and Clinton. But it turns out he was merely correcting it to remove the fake word “councel” and replace it with the real word counsel.

This is not even the first time this month in which Donald Trump has revealed that he doesn’t know the difference between “counsel” and “council.” Back on May 8th he tweeted about the “White House council” before later replacing it with “White House counsel.” It’s enough to make you wonder if Trump even knows what a Special Counsel is. Does he think a “council” of people have been appointed? Imagine how angry his tweets will be once he finds out that “Special Counsel” is just another way of saying Special Prosecutor.

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