Donald Trump deletes tweet about his idiotic new attorney Jay Sekulow

Has Donald Trump already soured on his latest bumbling lawyer? Trump hired attorney Jay Sekulow to represent him in the Trump-Russia scandal on what appeared to be based on nothing more than seeing him provide commentary during a Fox News segment. Then, this weekend, it took Sekulow all of a minute and a half to idiotically insist that Trump is and is not under investigation for obstruction. But then Trump sent him out to do more interviews this morning, and he doesn’t seem to be happy about how it went.

Trump tweeted the following plug for Jay Sekulow at 7:59am eastern time this morning:

But then, after the tweet had been in place long enough to get thousands of retweets, Donald Trump deleted it. Jay Sekulow still made his Fox and Friends appearance as expected, so it’s not as if Trump deleted it because he the appearance was canceled or he had mentioned the wrong program. It seems as if Trump simply decided he didn’t like how Sekulow was doing on Fox and Friends, and decided to revoke his plug.

This raises the question of whether Trump might be about to move on to yet another attorney in the Trump-Russia scandal. His longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is now part of the investigation, and he’s had to hire a lawyer of his own (that’s right, Trump’s attorney now has his own attorney). Trump then hired Marc Kasowitz, who quickly found himself facing ethics complaints when he gave improper advice to Trump’s White House staff.

And now there’s Sekulow, who despite having made a name for himself as an attorney who does commentary on cable news, managed to completely fail in his first day of trying to defend Trump on television. And by now, his second day on the job, Sekulow appears to have already fallen out of favor with Trump. Who’s going to be Trump’s next attorney, Pee Wee Herman?

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report