Donald Trump attorney Michael Cohen allegedly met with Russia in August over blackmail video

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The news keeps getting worse for Donald Trump, literally by the hour, as the evening goes on. First came the news that the heads of the FBI, CIA and NSA jointly briefed him regarding personally compromising material that the Russians claimed to have on him. Then came the report of the alleged blackmail material itself, involving Trump and lewd acts and prostitutes. And now comes the accusation that Trump’s attorney secretly met with the Russians in Prague in August over the blackmail material in question.

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The United States intelligence community has already confirmed that Vladimir Putin and Russia rigged the election in Donald Trump’s favor through a combination of hacking, strategic leaking, and disinformation. And now it’s becoming more clear why: Trump isn’t merely a patsy who favors Russia. It appears he’s being blackmailed by Russia and thus being forced to do its bidding.

Impeach Trump

If it turns out Trump’s attorney Cohen really did travel to Prague to meet with Russia regarding the matter, an accusation which ABC News is as of yet unproven then it puts Trump on a likely path to inevitable impeachment. And Cohen is denying it. But this looks more like Watergate by the minute, only much larger.

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