Devin Nunes digs himself an even deeper hole in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

The demise of Donald Trump’s presidency will take up entire chapters of the history textbooks. But the decision by Congressman Devin Nunes to go down with him might end up being documented in the psychology textbooks. Why did Nunes set himself on fire in an idiotic attempt at derailing the Trump-Russia investigation? What was he thinking? Moreover, why is he still digging himself an even deeper hole?

Nunes has already backed himself into a corner where he’s had to step away from the Trump-Russia investigation being led by a House committee he chairs. He’s also facing an official ethics investigation for the manner in which he corruptly, and possibly illegally, meddled in that election. There’s little doubt that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be hauling in Nunes to testify about the classified intel that the Trump administration fed to him so he would feed it back to them, in one of the stupidest scandalous incidents of all time. And now Nunes just made it even worse for himself.

We’ve reached the point where everyone implicated or even hinted at in the Trump-Russia scandal is lawyering up. Those attorneys are all likely to give their clients the same advice: shut up. But not Devin Nunes. He’s out there insisting there was never any Trump-Russia collusion, according to Politico (link). He’s painting himself as a victim. He’s running his mouth, as recklessly as ever, about a scandal he’s implicated in.

At this rate Nunes is going to end up incriminating himself all by himself, just by continuing to talk. It promoted Congressman Ted Lieu to quip that “Either Devin Nunes is psychic & can predict the future, or he’s making stuff up.” It’s not clear if Nunes doesn’t understand how much trouble he’s in, or if he mistakenly thinks he’s helping his cause by continuing to run his mouth. The Special Counsel is surely listening and keeping score accordingly.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report