Confirmed: subpoenas have been sent to banks regarding Donald Trump and money laundering

Just how much trouble is Donald Trump really in when it comes to the deepening investigations into every aspect of his alleged past and present wrongdoing and lawbreaking? Multiple financial institutions have now confirmed that they’ve received subpoenas related to money laundering, as part of the ongoing investigation into Trump’s finances.

That’s the news buried in the seventh paragraph of a new Yahoo News article penned by Michael Isikoff (link). His report is focused on the fact that a number of top law firms are refusing to represent Donald Trump in his scandals. Several reasons are provided, one of which is the fact that some of these law firms also happen to represent banks that have received the money laundering subpoenas, which would make for a conflict of interest.

What’s not stated is just who sent the money laundering subpoenas in question. Special Counsel Robert Mueller now has de facto control over the FBI investigation, and he appears to be aggressively pursuing every avenue possible. But there are also multiple House and Senate Committees investigating various aspects of Trump’s alleged criminal behavior, some of which have revealed they’re looking into Trump Taj Mahal money laundering. And then there’s New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has been targeting Trump’s various financial fraud schemes.

As Palmer Report has previously expanded upon (link), the question of whether Donald Trump goes down for money laundering may come down to a straightforward answer. Russia has laundered significant money into financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank, which has then turned around and loaned significant money to Donald Trump. So the question is this: can it be demonstrated that this was not a coincidence, and that it was in fact the same money? Based on the subpoenas, we may have that answer before long. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report