Good week for The Resistance: Chaffetz down, Gorka mostly out, Flynn busted, Sessions pulls back

Donald Trump is hoping you won’t notice he’s trying to sneak Sheriff David Clarke into his administration

Why is the media pretending there’s nothing suspicious about the ongoing Jason Chaffetz saga?

All along, the Democrats have been setting up Mike Pence for a Trump-Russia fall

Donald Trump decided to keep NAFTA after his cabinet members showed him a map of the USA

Senate Democrats hatch plan that could leave Donald Trump with little choice but to resign

Either Jason Chaffetz is about to resign, or the Republican Party is trying to dump him

Amid his own sexual harassment scandal, Sean Hannity begins attacking Fox News executive

The Ayatollah of Alabama: Homophobic Judge Roy Moore booted off the bench and is running to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Dmitry Rybolovlev is suddenly back in the U.S., and he’s once again near a Donald Trump event

Second report says Donald Trump and advisers caught on tape plotting treasonous deal with Russia

Jason Chaffetz doth protest too much over his foot injury

Jason Chaffetz takes leave from Congress, blames foot problem: is he stuck between Russia and FBI?

Citing health issues, Jason Chaffetz takes immediate leave from Congress – but his scandals loom

Are Richard Burr’s financial ties to Russian oil why he’s holding up the Trump-Russia investigation?

Judge sides with Sanctuary Cities over Donald Trump. Here’s how it’s playing out on the ground.

The Resistance, Wednesday April 26th: here’s who to call today and how to protest Donald Trump

Update regarding Boris Epshteyn story

President Kadyrov of Chechnya threatens to wipe out LGBTQ Community within a month

House Oversight set a Michael Flynn document trap, and Donald Trump just stepped in it

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