Urine trouble: Donald Trump will never live down having Russian hookers pee on him

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There are a number serious scandals at play tonight for Donald Trump, some of which may lead to anything from a crippled administration to impeachment to imprisonment. After all, British intelligence is accusing Trump of having committed various treasonous crimes, including giving Ukraine to Russia in exchange for hacking the election in his favor. But of all the secrets to leak out tonight, the one that Trump will never live down is the part where he (allegedly) had Russian prostitutes urinate on him.

I certainly couldn’t care less what Donald Trump does with hookers. There are so many larger and more dangerous political issues surrounding him. I don’t even want to think about his sex life, much less write about it. And this is far from the first time he’s been accused of cheating on his wives. But sex scandals are always what stick to politicians, particularly when it can be established that the sex led to politically relevant malfeasance – and especially when the sex is weird or creepy.

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From a practical standpoint, it shows a stunning lack of judgment that Trump would use Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel run by the Russian government, at a time when he was negotiating business with the Russian government, and not figure out that he was probably being set up by that government. If this particular aspect of the report is proven true, it means he walked right into a blackmail trap just so he could get laid. But really, it’s the golden showers that he’ll never live down.

There are presumably plenty of Americans out there with a sex-urine fetish, and that’s their private business. But it’s different when you’re a politician. Half of voters already hate you, and the other half are just hoping they didn’t embarrass themselves when they picked you. And now you’re the guy who humiliated himself by getting caught up in something like this, turning you into a weird skeevy punchline. Neither side will ever let you live this down. Urine trouble, Donald Trump. Welcome to the harsh world of politics.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report