Unwell Donald Trump reduced to posting poll Twitter about whether he’s better than President Obama

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be having a good week. His showdown with North Korea has made him look ineffective and unstable. His campaign chairman’s house was raided by the FBI. His approval rating is at yet another new all time low. The entire world is making fun of him. It’s becoming more clear by the minute that he’s unraveling as we speak. And this morning he was reduced to posting a Twitter poll about whether he’s better than President Obama.

In what might be the saddest retweet of all time, Donald Trump took an already-completed Twitter poll from Progress Polls titled “Who is a better President of the United States?” and he retweeted it in order to brag about the fact that he had “won” the poll. Of course his “victory” by a 61% to 39% final score is merely a sign of how unscientific and lopsided the poll was, as numerous legitimate approval ratings polls show that Obama is more popular than ever, and that Trump’s support is now in the mid thirties.

Anyone can create a Twitter poll, and the results are going to be based entirely on who happens to see it. But don’t tell that to Donald Trump, who appears to honestly believe that his “victory” in this poll is a sign that Americans like him more than they like Obama. The funny part of course is that the poll included the “#ObamaDay” hashtag which had been originally created last week to celebrate President Obama’s birthday. So in effect, Trump just wished Obama a belated happy birthday without even knowing it.

Meanwhile the Quinnipiac poll has Donald Trump’s approval rating at just 33%, and the latest IBD poll has Trump’s approval rating at just 32%. But in his mind these professionally conducted polls are all “fake” while the random self-service poll he found online is legitimate.

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