Here comes Donald Trump’s unhinged meltdown about James Comey

For the past few days, as Hurricane Irma has dominated the public’s attention so thoroughly that Donald Trump couldn’t have gotten much play out of starting a petty Twitter feud even if he wanted to, he simply remained quiet. Perhaps he’s temporarily convinced himself to behave. Perhaps his staff dropped his phone down the toilet again. But today we got a major hint from Trump’s own mouthpiece that he’s revving up for his next big unhinged meltdown.

During a press briefing today, Donald Trump’s White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused former FBI Director James Comey of having given false testimony to Congress (link). This is a remarkable accusation, considering that 1) Comey didn’t actually give false testimony, and 2) if he had, it would be far too big of a deal to be offhandedly tossed out during a press briefing with no evidence or specifics to back it up. No one in the Trump administration says anything from the podium unless Trump wants them to say it.

So now we know that Donald Trump’s next big unhinged meltdown on Twitter is going to be an attack on James Comey. This isn’t a surprise, considering that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now targeting the advisers who helped Trump craft his initial, self-incriminating letter announcing Comey’s firing. Trump is, at the least, trying to create phony controversy about Comey in an attempt at distracting from the real scandal, which is his criminal firing of Comey to try to obstruct the investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal. But there may be more to it.

Donald Trump’s meltdowns often occur a few days before a related bombshell hits the newswires. This is a result of a major news outlet asking the Trump administration for advance comment on the story just before it’s published, thus tipping off Trump in advance as to what’s about to hit him. So his decision to have Huckabee Sanders set the stage for his upcoming attack on Comey could be an attempt at fending off a Comey-related bombshell that’s about to land.

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