Donald Trump, the worst father of all time, drags eleven year old Barron into his Russia scandal

I have the greatest father in the world. But if you’ve ever needed to feel better about your own father, all you need to do is stop and consider that your father could have been Donald Trump instead. This man, who is demented in a manner which goes beyond politics and almost defies description, gave a horrifying speech the Boy Scouts last night. But then this morning he managed to top himself – by dragging his own eleven year old child into his Russia scandal.

Somewhere in the midst of Donald Trump’s latest deranged Twitter rant this morning, in which he also called for his Attorney General to prosecute Hillary Clinton on phony crimes, was this tweet: “Jared Kushner did very well yesterday in proving he did not collude with the Russians. Witch Hunt. Next up, 11 year old Barron Trump!” (link). That’s right, the sick twisted son of a bitch just tried to use his own son as a political prop in which he committed the treasonous felonies of collusion and espionage.

It was bad enough when Donald Trump used his adult son Donald Trump Jr. as part of his Russian collusion plot during the campaign, then left his son hanging out to dry when he finally got caught earlier this month. Junior is thirty-nine and is old enough to make his own choices. But he’s also evidence of just how poorly a child can turn out in adulthood if he’s raised by a father that monstrous.

And now Donald Trump is hard at work destroying the life of his eleven year old son as well. You know Barron, the one he left in New York and didn’t bother to visit a single time during his first six months in office. No one in the public or the media was ever going to try to drag Barron Trump into the Russia scandal. But now his father has gone and done it himself. In addition to everything else that’s wrong with the monster, Donald Trump is the worst father of all time. Barron will be better off once Donald is locked safely away in prison.

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