Donald Trump’s senility has grown so obvious, his allies are going to absurd lengths to try to cover for it

It’s all too easy to arbitrarily accuse a politician you don’t like, or whose ideas you think are bad, of being senile. When it comes to Donald Trump, however, there is in fact something wrong with him along the lines of senility, or dementia, or cognitive failure. It appears to be worsening rapidly. In fact it’s becoming so obvious that even his allies are now floating absurd excuses to try to cover for his startling decline.

In recent months we’ve all seen Donald Trump get confused and wander away in the middle of a press conference or a bill signing, or blankly wander off from his own motorcade. We’ve seen him give mentally vacant speeches in which he goes long stretches without saying anything coherent. We’ve seen him telling stories about escapades on yachts to a group of boy scouts, with seemingly no awareness of whom he’s speaking to. There were scattered signs of this during the campaign, but it’s become much more frequent of late. So what do Trump’s allies have to say about this?

Most of us, despite not being doctors, would point to Donald Trump suffering from some kind of worsening senility – because it’s that obvious. But Trump’s allies have noticed it as well, and they’ve apparently figured out that the public has noticed, because they’ve been making excuses for him. For instance Trump’s deranged friend Alex Jones of InfoWars is now insisting that Trump is being drugged (link). Of course this is the same loon who rips off his shirt and yells about lizard people. The point, however, is that even Jones sees what we’re seeing when it comes to Trump’s cognitive collapse.

So now, in addition to being stuck with someone occupying the office of President of the United States who’s a racist criminal traitor, we’re also stuck with someone who appears to be rapidly going senile. This is precisely why Article 4 of the 25th Amendment was created.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report