Donald Trump heads to Mar-a-Lago again, amid evidence Russian handler meets him there

Donald Trump has announced that he’ll be heading to his Mar-a-Lago resort in West Palm Beach this weekend for the third time since he took office. This comes one week after he caused controversy by playing golf with Shinzo Abe while the media was placed in a room with the windows blacked out. And the explanation may be that a man whom some suspect is Trump’s Russian handler keeps strangely flying into West Palm Beach (and other cities) when Trump is in town.

After Trump flew into West Palm Beach last Friday, a Russian jetsetter named Dmitry Rybolovlev also apparently flew into the same airport on a private jet. This was conspicuous for a number of reasons. First, Rybolovlev had traveled all the way from Switzerland to Florida. Second, Rybolovlev has past financial ties to Trump, and would be a suitable go-between with Putin. Third, it’s not just West Palm Beach, as Daily Kos has previously documented that Rybolovlev has a habit of flying into various cities that Trump is visiting at the time, including Concord, North Carolina — where Rybolovlev had no legitimate reason to be.

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This raises the serious question of whether Donald Trump’s consistent weekend trips to West Palm Beach since taking office have been less about going on vacation and more about him – or someone in his administration – possibly meeting up with Rybolovlev, who just happens to also fly in for the same weekend. For instance National Security Adviser Michael Flynn also made the trip last weekend to West Palm Beach, during the height of the controversy about his Russian connections, and upon returning to Washington DC he immediately resigned. Did Flynn go down to Palm Beach to take instructions from Rybolovlev on whether he should resign? These questions feel insane, and yet they’re the ones we must now be asking.

Respected political reporter Louise Mensch has documented the conveniently timed flights Rybolovlev has made to West Palm Beach, by following his plane number and flight plans, and it’s enough to make it look like yet another cog in Trump’s deepening Russian collusion.

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When Trump’s people led traveling reporters into a room at Trump’s resort with black sheeting taped over the windows and then left them there, it further raised the question of whether it was to keep the media from being able to observe Rybolovlev’s presence. It also raises the question of whether Trump’s inexplicable post-election “victory” tours have been a mere excuse for Trump to get away from Washington DC so he could meet up with Rybolovlev in those cities as well.

To date there is not yet physical evidence that Trump and Rybolovlev are actually meeting with each other when they both happen to fly into West Palm Beach or another city at the same time; locking the media in a blacked out dungeon may have helped ensure that. But in light of four Trump advisors now being exposed for having colluded with Russian intel officers during the campaign, this is too much of a coincidence not to keep an eye on. With Trump traveling to Mar-a-Lago yet again this weekend, all eyes are on Rybolovlev’s private plane to see if it once again arrives at West Palm Beach airport on cue.

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