Robert Mueller has used Paul Manafort to crack Donald Trump’s dam

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has demonstrated this past week that he’s three steps ahead of all of us. We only found out about his grand jury after it had been in session long enough to issue subpoenas. We only found out that he’d busted down Paul Manafort’s door after the entire thing had played out. We still don’t know all the details of Mueller’s strategy, because he’s too smart to show all his cards. But we do know that he’s now busted Donald Trump’s dam wide open.

Consider the pressure that Robert Mueller is now placing on Paul Manafort, simply because Manafort has information that may prove useful to unraveling Donald Trump’s lifelong crime spree. Manafort’s financial records are being seized worldwide. He was woken up by FBI agents who were in his bedroom. Best we know, his front door is now lying in pieces in his front yard. This is all just to get the guy to realize he’s going to spend the rest of his life in prison if he doesn’t hurry up and flip on Trump. And this is just the one Mueller target that we know about.

Why hasn’t Michael Flynn’s front door been busted down yet? Come to think of it, maybe it has, and we just don’t know it. Mueller is good at keeping things from leaking until it’s too late for the other side to know what hit them. Or maybe Flynn has been more cooperative than Manafort when it comes to giving up Trump. And yet Manafort gave up the Trump Jr. meeting with Russia and it still wasn’t enough to keep his house from being raided. When it comes to the other alleged criminals in Trump’s orbit, from Felix Sater to Carter Page to Jared Kushner on down, you can bet that Mueller is squeezing them every bit as tightly as he’s squeezing Manafort.

Robert Mueller doesn’t even care about these people. Even if they’re guilty, they’re garden variety criminals. They’re beneath him. He’s investigating a sitting President. He can lock them away or let them walk, it really doesn’t matter to him, because all he cares about is the big fish. And now that Mueller is literally busting down doors, the dam has been broken. One of these people will soon cut a deal against Donald Trump, because now they all know that Mueller is moving quickly and time is short – and if they don’t grab a deal soon, someone else will beat them to it.

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