Paging Michael Flynn

Hey Mike, it’s Bill. Or should I call you General? I’ve heard you prefer Misha. Anyway, we’ve got to talk. I hate you, Michael Flynn, because you’re a traitor. And you probably hate me, because I’ve spent all year calling you a traitor. But here’s the thing. In light of recent developments, we both want the same thing. It’s now clear that the Trump family royally and intentionally screwed you. And now it’s time for you to screw them.

Remember back when you failed to disclose a few lousy phone calls with the Russian Ambassador during the transition period which, at worst, were a violation of the never-prosecuted Logan Act? Donald Trump threw you out on your ass for that. He made you the fall guy. He ruined you. He probably told you that there was no way around it, and that he needed you to take the fall so the mission could continue. And you bought it.

But guess what? Now Trump’s own son has been caught in his own Russia scandal that’s a hundred times worse than your little phone tag incident. And yet Trump hasn’t thrown Mini-Me out of the White House. And he won’t either, because he’s family and you were expendable. Hell, even Jared Kushner has been caught doing far worse things with Russia than what got you fired, and he’s still running the White House. What are you, General Misha? Chopped liver.

Here’s the thing, Mike. We both know that you’ve done far worse things with Russia than what’s come out. And we both know that it will all come eventually, because these rats are all about to start turning on each other, and you’ll be collateral damage. But you’ll be on the outside of it, far from the protection of the White House. And by the way, did Donald ever offer to pay your legal bills out of the reelection fund, like he just did with little Donnie? No, because you’re nothing to him. He was playing you all along.

Now it’s time to save us by saving yourself, Michael Flynn. You think Obama and America screwed you? That’s nothing compared to how Donald Trump and Russia ultimately screwed you. Now’s your chance to turn everything around and be remembered by history as a General who ultimately took down a traitorous President, instead of being remembered as a traitor yourself. Come on Mike, there’s got to a spark of American patriotism left in your soul somewhere. Short of that, getting overdue revenge against Trump will have to do. But either way, it’s time for you to speak up.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report