Donald Trump heads overseas with his entire life on fire

If an average week consists of having your former Chief Strategist and your current Attorney General agree to testify against you, while your wife distances herself from you after the whole world learns you had an affair with a porn star, and a federal prosecutor now wants to haul you in for questioning in a criminal investigation that’s landed squarely on your head, then yeah, Donald Trump is having an average week. So how’s he responding? By going on vacation.

Alright, so heading to Davos in Switzerland isn’t exactly a vacation. Except it is, because no U.S. President has attended the Davos conference in a generation, and Trump is rather obviously attending for reasons that aren’t above board. Will he try to cut illicit financial deals for his own personal gain with the wealthy international clientele in attendance? Is this just cover for meeting with the throngs of Russians who will be in attendance, and who already own him financially?

Who cares? His entire life is on fire, his presidency is 92% down the toilet, and he’s more likely headed to prison than not. Just don’t tell Trump that, because he’s too mentally incompetent to process what’s happening to him. That’s best evidenced by the fact that he was up late last night ranting about FBI agents who have had affairs (projection much?) while ranting about a certain brand of smartphone and attacking the Senate Minority Leader.

The vast majority of Americans wish this demented criminal traitor would just stay over there in Switzerland and never come home. But he will return. When he does, he’ll find his presidency aflame, his marriage aflame, most of his own people cutting plea deals against him, and his legacy all but cemented as the biggest cautionary tale in American history. Say, do they have golf in prison?

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report