After Trump-Russia arrests begin, Donald Trump Jr panics and melts down

Now that the arrests have begun in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, and none of the other targets know if they’ll be next, suffice it to say that some of them aren’t taking it particularly well. Donald Trump Jr played a key role in conspiring with the Russian government on behalf of the Trump campaign during the election, meaning the hammer could drop on him at any time. That may explain his unhinged meltdown.

It all started when Donald Trump Jr tried politicizing his own young daughter’s Halloween trick or treating experience by tweeting an unhappy picture of her along with “I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s never to early to teach her about socialism.” This tweet didn’t exactly go over well. Respondents and the media were quick to point that A) that’s not even what socialism is, and B) he was way out of line for bringing his kid into it. That’s when his meltdown began.

After seeing the widespread negative response to his inappropriate tweet and mistreatment of his daughter, Junior angrily fired back “If only blue checkmark SJWs cared as much about terrorists attacking us as they do about me attacking socialism. Enough of the PC lib crap!” His “blue checkmark SJWs” remark is in clear reference to liberal public figures with verified Twitter accounts who were replying to him in negative fashion.

In other words, Junior is now so deeply on edge that he’s reduced to sitting around helplessly reading the negative replies he receives on Twitter, and then whining about it while inappropriately trying to make his own socialism debate about terrorism. It’s clear that Donald Trump Jr is on edge and fully in panic mode, to the point that he can be triggered like a snowflake at the mere prospect of negative Twitter replies. Imagine how panicked he’ll be if he’s indicted.

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