Now every G20 nation can blackmail Donald Trump over his Russia antics

Do you trust German Chancellor Angela Merkel? How deeply do you trust French President Emmanuel Macron? How about the Prime Minister of Montenegro, whose name you probably don’t know? You’d better hope you can trust them, because based on what was revealed last night, one or more of them may be sitting on blackmail material they can use to bend Donald Trump to their will.

It wasn’t enough for Donald Trump to hold a two hour-plus meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in a controlled private room where security precautions had been taken to ensure that their conversation remained private. Trump then had to go sit down with Putin again during a dinner banquet when he was supposed to have been seated with the Prime Minister of Japan instead.

Trump and Putin proceeded to have an hour long conversation in the banquet hall, and at least some of it took place while the room was full of other G20 leaders, their spouses, various translators, and even wait staff. What was overheard? Was anyone recording? These are just some of the myriad problems created by Trump’s idiotic move. And Trump, whose mind is slipping to the point that he can’t find his own motorcade when it’s a foot in front of his face, may not even remember what he told Putin. Of course we have no record of it because Trump didn’t use a U.S. translator. He used Putin’s instead.

Someone has leaked the existence of the Trump-Putin dinner dalliance to the media. We don’t know who, and we don’t know why. Is someone involved simply trying to humiliate Donald Trump? Or is this some G20 nation’s way of signaling to Trump that his conversation with Putin was indeed overheard or captured? What happens the next time Trump sits down privately with that nation’s leader? Trump’s ongoing dishonesty has made him a blackmail target, not only for Russia, but potentially for the entire civilized world.

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