Was the FBI targeting Donald Trump with its Annapolis raid today? Here’s what the evidence says.

The FBI very publicly raided the office of a Republican party fundraising firm in Annapolis today, just two days after Donald trump fired FBI Director James Comey in an attempt at stopping the Russia investigation. The head of the firm is now quickly asserting that today’s raid was related to an entirely different political figure – but that claim stands out as dubious for a number of reasons.

The president of Strategic Campaign Group, Kelley Rogers, is now telling newspapers (link) that today’s FBI raid is in relation to former Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli of Virginia. But that raises the question of how the head of the firm would know whom the FBI’s target is, and why he would be disclosing such information even if he did know. It also raises the question of why newspapers are taking the head of the firm at his word, on a day his firm was just raided for alleged criminal activity.

On the other hand, a significant amount of circumstantial evidence points to connections between the FBI’s raid of Strategic Campaign Group and its confirmed ongoing investigation into the Donald Trump campaign. For instance Palmer Report’s own research has revealed indirect ties between the firm and Trump campaign advisers Paul Manafort and Roger Stone (link).

Others have discovered indirect connections between the firm and Donald Trump’s Taj Mahal hotel (link), just one day after the Senate Intelligence Committee asked the U.S. Treasury for information on the penalties it levied against the Taj Mahal for money laundering (link). What are the odds that that’s a coincidence?

And perhaps most notably, the FBI posted a conspicuous tweet about asset forfeitures at the same time it was conducting today’s raid, seemingly aimed at sending a public message (link). Are we to believe that the FBI went to the trouble of a massive raid today, which it teased on social media, over the likes of the long forgotten Ken Cuccinelli? Sure, the Feds would still go after him if he did something criminal, but they wouldn’t flaunt it like this. Instead the preponderance of the circumstantial evidence points to this being related to the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign.

The FBI itself isn’t officially commenting on the raid. But some would say that with its rather blatant tweet today, it already made its statement about who was being targeted and what the stakes are. Help fund Palmer Report

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report