Paul Ryan blames “earpiece problem” while dodging question about Donald Trump’s wiretap claim

The Senate Intelligence Committee issued a bipartisan statement today confirming that there is no evidence to support Donald Trump’s claim that President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. This came one day after the House Intelligence Committee affirmed the same. Speaker Paul Ryan appeared on Meet The Press today, and when he was asked whether Trump is lying, he tried to dodge the question by blaming his own earpiece.

Paul Ryan presumably booked the interview with MSNBC host Chuck Todd today in a last ditch effort at propping up his sinking American Health Care Plan. But the first question he faced was about Trump’s wiretap claim. Todd pointed out that the bipartisan Senate Intel Committee had just unanimously shot it down. Then he played a clip of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer trying to insist during a press briefing that Trump had meant something different than “wiretap” when he said “wiretap.”

After Paul Ryan danced around the topic for a bit, Chuck Todd asked the following question: “Can we just not believe our president?” That prompted Ryan to fumble through an evasive answer before declaring “I was having an earpiece problem” as a way of trying to avoid giving a straight answer. Ryan then went on to try to generically write off Donald Trump’s ongoing unsupported claims as being a function of the social media world in which we live in. This prompted an exasperated and laughing Todd to declare “Twitter doesn’t mean you can make things up!”

After Paul Ryan said that he can’t address most of what Donald Trump tweets because he doesn’t pay attention to it, Todd countered with “So your advice is to ignore some things the president says?” Ryan had no proper answer. We’ll add video of the on-air exchange when it becomes available. Contribute to Palmer Report


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