Donald Trump tweets a pic of himself with Ronald and Nancy Reagan. They both hated him.

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For reasons known only to him, Donald Trump tweeted a decades-old photograph on Monday evening of himself with Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Trump offered no hint as to what point he may have been trying to make, other than his useless caption, which read “An old picture with Nancy and Ronald Reagan.” But whatever point he may have been trying to make, the cold hard facts reveal that both President Reagan and First Lady Reagan both hated Donald Trump.

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According to White House files which were dug up by People Magazine, the Reagan spent their years in office trying to dodge Donald Trump’s advances. Apparently they felt his ego was too large to be worth dealing with. Even though Trump did manage to once get his photo taken with the Reagans in a receiving line, President Reagan apparently put so little effort into the encounter that he signed the photo “Reagan Reagan” instead of “Ronald Reagan” – and strangely, Trump tweeted the photo complete with the errant signature visible. But it was Nancy Reagan who truly despised Trump.

Michael Reagan, a conservative republican, made clear late last year that Ronald would have wanted nothing to do with Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign: “No way do I or would my father support this garbage.” He also confirmed that his stepmom Nancy despised Donald Trump right up to her final days: “I can tell [you] that Nancy would vote for Hillary and was appalled to hear people say [Trump] reminds them of [Ronald Reagan].”

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