Donald Trump tips off that there’s an even bigger Donald Trump Jr. scandal coming

Now it’s official: Donald Trump is only feigning a reelection campaign so he can fundraise money and use it to pay his own family’s legal bills in the Russia scandal. But that’s not even the biggest story here. It’s not just that Trump is using campaign money to pay for his son’s lawyer. It’s that he began doing so two weeks before it hit the fan. And that means he was preparing for a different, much larger Trump Jr. scandal. Let me explain.

Way back in late June, Donald Trump used his campaign money to pay the initial fee for the attorney who ended up representing Donald Trump Jr. with regard to his Russia meeting, according to the Washington Post (link). At first one might be tempted to conclude that the Trump team simply knew how bad the leak was going to be and was preparing ahead. But their public response reveals that they didn’t know. After the New York Times released the first tidbit about the meeting, the Trump camp eagerly took the bait by putting out a partial denial trying to minimize it.

If the Trump team had known how much dirt the media had about the Trump Jr. meeting, it wouldn’t have bothered trying incremental denials that only served to backfire as they kept being disproven. So this particular meeting doesn’t even appear to be the Trump Jr. scandal that prompted Donald Trump to hire his son a lawyer in late June. It now very much appears that all along he’s been expecting a different and more damning collusion story to leak out about his son. And he’s already given us a hint what it is.

Back on June 26th, the day before he hired the attorney for his son, Donald Trump tweeted that there were no “tapes” of Trump people “colluding” with the Russians. In other words, Trump unwittingly tipped off that there’s a scandal coming which involves Donald Trump Jr. and collusion tapes. Stay tuned. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report