Congratulations, Donald Trump, you’re in hell.

Congratulations, Donald Trump, you’re in hell. Your son and son-in-law are both in the midst of going down for treason. You’re even more unpopular than historians had thought possible. As of today the Secret Service hates you, your lawyer appears to have just incriminated you, and your wife may have just left you – and that’s all before the sun has come up on Monday. Get ready, Donald, for the worst week of your life.

For starters, Donald, it’s dawning on you right now how poorly you raised your kids. Your son Donald Trump Jr turned out badly enough to have organized the most idiotic treason plot of all time, and your daughter turned out badly enough to have married Jared Kushner. It’s really just a matter of whether Junior or Jared is indicted first, who flips on the other, and which one of them hates the handcuffs the most. And according to the media, it’s all about to really hit the fan this week – which we’ve covered here.

But then there’s the matter of your idiot attorney. No, not the one being looked at for collusion, or the one who just threatened to kill someone, or even the one who looks like a barkeep from the Old West. We’re talking about the one who went on national television today and tried to scapegoat the Secret Service for your son’s Russia meeting. But beyond merely pissing off the Secret Service for no good reason, your lawyer may have just outed that you attended the Russia meeting – as we reported here.

And then for whatever reason, as you boarded Air Force One to head back to your miserable existence at the White House and what will be the worst week of your life to date, for some reason Melania didn’t bother to get on the plane with you – as we covered here). Is she as sick of your crap as the rest of us are? Oh, and your approval rating is now as tiny as your hands. Readers who find Palmer Report valuable are welcome to make a donation.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report