Carter Page fires back, says Donald Trump was behind Russia conspiracy at GOP Convention

One day after the Donald Trump campaign tried to turn former adviser Carter Page into a fall guy over the Russia scandal, Page is now firing back and accusing Trump himself of having been behind it all. Page was one of at least three Trump advisers who met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Republican Convention, which resulted in the Republican Party platform being changed in favor of Russia.

Earlier this week, former Donald Trump campaign adviser J.D. Gordon told CNN that it was Donald Trump himself who initiated the push for the change in the Republican Party platform to favor Russia over the Ukraine, and that Trump had been pushing for it for at least four months leading up to the convention. Gordon, Carter Page, and Jeff Sessions all attended the convention meeting with the Russian Ambassador. Page has changed his story several times and can no longer be seen as particularly credible in his own right, but now he’s directly backing up the claims made by the far more credible Gordon.

Carter Page’s sudden willingness to finger Donald Trump may be a result of the Trump campaign’s actions yesterday. The campaign fully disavowed itself of Page, insisting that it had been sending him cease and desist letters for months because he had been publicly misrepresenting his role in the campaign. Then today, Harvard Law Professor and political pundit Laurence Tribe revealed the following: “Trump adviser Carter Page changes story, now says Trump, despite denial, ordered Ukraine change at RNC after Sessions met w Kislyak there!”

If Donald Trump was indeed behind the Republican National Convention conspiracy to change the Republican party platform at the behest of the Russian Ambassador, then he’s 50% of the way to being inarguably guilty. The other half would involve proving Trump having made the platform change in exchange for Russia hacking his Democratic Party opponents. But with J.D. Gordon and Carter Page now both fingering Trump for having pushed the platform change, then it appears we’re halfway there. Contribute to Palmer Report

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  1. Ravenken on March 6, 2017 at 9:58 am

    I don’t think that the change to the GOP platform was in exchange for hacking the election… that was happening all along from the get go (i.e. when trump announced he was running…). Hacking was just one of many efforts the russians (i.e. putin) used in manipulating the election results… trump was compromised at the turn of the century when he first visited russia… it had nothing to do with pee pee and everything to do with money… trump was broke coming out of the 90’s and the soviets (i.e. putin) purchased him at rock bottom prices… our best chance to get at the bottom of this is to go back to all his tax returns…

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